The Retro Rocket: Back by Popular Demand!

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The Retro Rocket: Back by Popular Demand!

October 12, 2016
posted by Allison Rivers

Great news for the little astronaut in your life!  This September, one of our favorite ride-on toys is back by popular demand – the Retro Rocket!  Redesigned and updated for optimal blast-off potential, this classic Radio Flyer toy features realistic astronaut and space sounds, flashing dashboard lights, a clicking nose cone, under-seat storage, and stable four-wheel base.  Add some imagination, and the sky’s the limit!

  • Designed with imagination in mind!
  • Clicking nose cone
  • Flashing lights & realistic sounds
  • Under seat storage.

Marina Kozak, Radio Flyer’s Graphic Designer and CMF Specialist, designed the new Retro Rocket’s graphics for the relaunch.

“We kept the miniature rocket and atom concepts from the original design, but we wanted to enhance the ‘retro’ aspect of the Retro Rocket.  The previous version of the atom graphic, for instance, had more of a ‘90s feel to it, so we focused on the new designs having a more retro-futuristic, vintage 1950s aesthetic.”


We are thrilled to bring this ride-on toy back to our product line looking better than ever.  “This new version seems to have more motion,” Marina says.  “I think it really brings the product to life!”

For more details, and to purchase a Retro Rocket for your little space explorer, visit our Shop!