From Sidewalks to Sidelines

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From Sidewalks to Sidelines

September 24, 2014
posted by Melissa Enos

This spring I went to my nephew’s soccer game and watched a little boy sit down in a puddle of mud because he was tired of standing while watching his brother play. I also noticed that there are a lot of items that families bring to these types of events such as food, drinks, blankets, toys for the kids, wipes, and chairs. A wagon can help in these situations by lugging kids and stuff to the playing field or concert area. Our newest wagon, the Grandstand Wagon 3-in-1, takes it a step further by offering a new usage option, bench seating.

When we looked at creating the Grandstand Wagon 3-in-1, we wanted to provide a solution for the variety of needs when going out to events. The new Grandstand Wagon 3-in-1 provides 3 options:  1) 2 child comfort seating,  2) flatbed usage (for lugging coolers to games), and 3) the newest option, bench seating. The bench seating allows you to rotate the side of the wagon so you can sit on the wagon just like a bench. Our Deluxe Grandstand Wagon 3-in-1 offers a removable UV protection canopy for sunny days.


With the options of transporting kids, bringing along extra items, and using the wagon as a bench, you can enjoy all your events with the three options. 

  • The first stage is comfortable seating for 2 during neighborhood strolls
  • Flatbed seating provides hauling capacity and nap time comfort
  • The side panel rotates to transform to a bench for at the park, game or event
  • The newest seating option is bench seating
  • Great for trips to the park, at games or other events for the family

Here are some ideas for using the bench seating option

·         Ease of sitting at soccer games.

·         Going to the park and having a seat to eat a snack.

·         Outdoor lawn concert – a great place to have a seat.

·         A place to sit and have an ice cream cone during a zoo trip.

·         A seat for the backyard to read a book.

How would you use the new bench seating option?