Snow Play

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Snow Play

January 16, 2014
Here in Chicago, the weather outside is frightful. We've had plenty of feet of snow and degrees below zero to bring on dreams of spring--and its only January! Staying cozy inside can quickly invite ants to pants—especially among kids. As long as the weather is not too cold and unsafe, you can cure the cabin fever. Just bundle up and make sure you are active while outside! A lawn or park full of fresh snow can be just as fun as sand boxes and green grass. Here are a few great ways to play outside in winter weather. 

Which Way? 

Inspired by corn mazes and 3 active kids, Ashley of Life with Moore Babies created this maze in the snow. Even their youngest was able to joint the fun!



Give your team the advantage by building an arsenal of snowballs. Then sneak attack from behind by using your wagon to transport the supply! 



Summer Toys to Snow Toys

I'm sure you have a garage or closet jammed with toys for greener days--how can you use them now? Sand toys easily translate to winter—why not make snow castles? If it is the right temperature (very cold) bubble solution will freeze! Learn how to make frozen bubbles on the What We Do All Day blog. 

WArming time

At some point, you will need to come inside, at least until the next morning. That confining living room can suddenly be welcoming again. Keep the comfort going with a roaring fire. I love how New Every Morning stores her firewood in a wagon!

How does your family keep moving and warm in the winter? If you have warm temperatures year round, do you ever wish for a yard of fluffy, untouched snow?