Some Assembly Required

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Some Assembly Required

January 14, 2013
posted by Brittney Snow

The first few weeks of January serve as a great time to take down holiday decorations, create new resolutions…and put together toys that are still in their boxes. Studies have shown that parents will spend an average of 68 minutes putting together their children’s toys during the holiday season.  As you tighten up your tool belt, check out my recommended steps below to help the process run smoothly.

Step 1: Take on One Assembly Project at a Time

Attempting to put together more than one toy at a time can cause a mix-up with parts. Set aside a designated workspace and keep the completed projects separate from the work in progress.

Step 2: Take Inventory of ALL Parts and Tools Needed

Be sure to remove all cardboard, plastic and paper. Open up hardware bags and count out the screws, nuts and bolts. Be sure to store them in a cup or small container until you need them because these little pieces can roll off table tops or slide into cracks.

Step 3: Follow the Instructions from Beginning to End

Skipping steps, even the “easy” parts, can cause errors and delay completion. Be on the lookout for parts that are already assembled for you.

Step 4: Review the Safety Information and Product Maintenance Instructions

Does the product recommend using a helmet or elbow pads? Do moving parts need to be oiled or greased periodically? Look for answers to these questions on the instruction sheets. Can’t find anything? Call Customer Service for more information.

Step 5: Save Extra Parts, Instruction Sheets and Receipts

Leftover screws or hub caps? Have no fear, they might just be extras! Double check by revisiting each step of the assembly process. If they are indeed extras, place them in a ziplock bag with the instruction sheet and receipt. These items can come in handy if you have to disassemble the item for a move or if you need replacement parts in the future. Pinterest has great organization ideas for instruction manuals too.

Step 6: Recycle Remaining Paper and Cardboard

Help reduce your carbon footprint!

Step 7: Register for Your warranty

All Radio Flyer products are covered under a 1-year warranty which covers any missing parts or  manufacturing defects. Double your warranty to 2 years for free simply by registering your product.  Click here to register now or call us and one of our representatives can help you.

Step 8: Get Out and Play!

Remember, if you’re missing parts or make a mistake during assembly, please contact us. We can help! We are available Monday-Friday, 8 am – 4 pm CST. Call us at 1-800-621-7613 or email us at