Camp Radio Flyer: Spirit Day

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Camp Radio Flyer: Spirit Day

July 28, 2020
posted by Mindy Schanzle


Howdy hey Campers! Are you rah-rah-ready for Day 2 of Camp Radio Flyer? Today is all about energy, excitement, and enthusiasm. It’s time to warm up, stretch out, practice some cheers, and showcase our creativity as we celebrate Spirit Day.

Start the day out by having each member of the family pick a color to sport throughout the day and get decked out head to toe. Shirts, shorts, and shoes are a great start, but feel free to break out your favorite accessories – crazy hats, silly socks, bright bead necklaces, and fierce face paint are all welcome! Once you’re dressed for success, kid Campers and parent Counselors can keep the spirit going by creating their own team flag. Then, bring the team spirit outdoors for some fun family yard games.

3…2…1…Let the games begin!


Make Your Own Team Flag



  • Construction paper
  • Any materials you want to use to decorate (paint, crayons, markers, stickers, colored pencils, glitter, etc.)


Use the materials to decorate your own team flag! You can even have fun brainstorming silly team names as well and incorporate that into your flag. Take the fun a step further by taping your “flag” to a wooden stick or dowel (if you have them!) so you can wave it around.


Spirit Day Yard Games


It’s game time! Now that Campers and Counselors are bursting with team spirit–colors, flags, and all!–head outside for some fun and games with a field day of your very own. We’ve come up with a list of 7 fun ideas to get you started. From new favorites like Drip, Drip, Drop to classics from our Ultimate Outdoor Game Guide, Campers will love the variety. Feel free to mix in your own family favorite games too. Play one, play all seven, play all day – whatever works best at your Campsite. Check out our list to kick start your day.


Whether you’re keeping score or just enjoying the ride, there are sure to be plenty of laughs, smiles, and cheers. Be sure to snap a picture of the whole family performing their loudest team chant and sporting their colors. Share your photos on Instagram using #CampRadioFlyer for your chance to win the Ultimate Summer Prize Pack.

Awesome work, team! Which game was your favorite? Be sure to follow @radioflyerinc on Instagram and don’t forget to use #CampRadioFlyer to share pictures from the day. See you tomorrow for another fun day of camp!