The Story Behind Radio Flyer Red

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The Story Behind Radio Flyer Red

December 03, 2012
posted by Robert Pasin

Everyone always asks me, "Why are Radio Flyer wagons red?"  

I always struggle to answer this question because nobody really knows the answer.  

Sometimes I say, "It is because my grandfather was an Italian immigrant and all Italians love the color red — think Ferraris, spaghetti sauce, and wine."  

Other times I say, "It’s because kids love the color red because it is synonymous with excitement and speed — think fire engines, sirens, and race cars."  

Still other times I say, "It is because red connects with people deeply because is communicates passion, life and love — think hearts, roses, and cupid."

While I think there is truth in all of these answers, many people don't know that for the first few decades of our company's existence, we made wagons that were blue, green, yellow, and other colors.  The fact is red wagons always sold the best -- perhaps for the reasons listed above -- and over time the Little Red Wagon became the iconic representation of American Childhood that it is today.  

That's why Radio Flyer wagons are red.