Straight From Santa’s Workshop: Awesome Radio Flyer Gifts

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Straight From Santa’s Workshop: Awesome Radio Flyer Gifts

December 07, 2017
posted by Chelsea Lavin

It’s the time of year when Santa is working overtime! Not sure what they want most? We have a list of kid’s favorite toys — ones that promise hugs and cheers on Christmas morning.


Looking to invest in your child’s changing stages? Our Grow with Me Racer is just the thing! Featuring three driving stages, both kids and parents will love this versatile vehicle. Its most unique feature? A parental remote control that allows grownups to override their child’s driving. That’s right — it’s easy to direct kids on a better path (though they’ll be none the wiser)! See it firsthand here.


The kind of gift that makes every kid squeal in delight, Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder™ is the first kid-size Landspeeder you can actually drive! With seats for two riders, an interactive dashboard with lights and real movie sounds, and a 5 mph driving speed, this speeder delivers an ultra-galactic driving experience. Check it out here.


What do you get the family’s youngest car enthusiast? A Tesla Model S for Kids, of course. As the first-ever lithium ion battery-powered car for kids, it’s an exact replica of the road model, complete with working headlights and horn, trunk storage, an AUX input with speakers, and a 6 mph max driving speed. Take a closer look here.


Tired of uphill battles? Make every adventure a walk in the park with the battery-operated, folding eWagon™. Featuring SmartSense™ technology in its handle, the eWagon’s built-in power boost makes pulling an effortless affair. Plus, it features folding seats, cup holders, a rear storage pouch, and a UV blocking canopy. See it here.


When you need a wagon that works for you, nothing but the 3-In-1 EZ Fold Wagon™ with Canopy will do! This durable, lightweight wagon — the only folding wagon safe for kids — is perfect take to the park, on family trips, or on strolls around the neighborhood. The side panel can transform into bench seating, while the canopy poles retract into the body of the wagon when it’s not in use. Explore more here.