Little Red Stories

Little Red Stories: Childhood to Adulthood

March 12, 2019
posted by Mindy Stumpf

Radio Flyer wagons have been a part of many childhoods over the past 100 years, making impressions on little ones and their families. When they make such an impact that they last into adulthood, we can’t help but smile!


Family Hikes — No One Gets Left Behind

November 21, 2018
posted by Mindy Stumpf

Thanksgiving is a time to take stock in all that we are grateful for — friends, family, and fond memories.


For our Thanksgiving Little Red Story, we’d like to share a heartwarming tale about a family whose wagon helps them make memories together.


Introducing Radio Flyer: 100 Years of America's Little Red Wagon

October 30, 2018
posted by Mindy Stumpf

Radio Flyer is a cultural touchstone for people of all ages since we began in 1917. We are excited to share the history of this icon in our new collectible, must-have keepsake, RADIO FLYER: 100 Years of America’s Little Red Wagon by Chief Wagon Officer, Robert Pasin.


Little Red Stories: Makenna’s coats for a Cause

July 09, 2018
posted by Mindy Stumpf

We’re always so grateful to hear the ways you use our wagons to help others. This month’s Little Red Story comes from Makenna in Phoenix, Arizona. When she was nine, she saw a news story highlighting needs of the homeless community in her area. It dawned on Makenna that she could use her Radio Flyer wagon to collect coats to donate to a community in need. Within a few weeks, she collected over 100 coats and hauled them to the Phoenix Rescue Mission.

Little Red Stories: In Honor and Loving Memory of Zayden

June 14, 2018
posted by Mindy Stumpf

Zayden — a triplet and the youngest of eight — was nothing short of a super hero. At 23 months old, he was diagnosed with of leukemia. Treated at OU Children’s Hospital in Oklahoma City, he endured many blood transfusions, surgeries and chemo treatments. Infections, remissions and relapses, a bone marrow transplant — never mind, CT scans, ultrasounds and blood draws — were the norm.


Little Red Stories: Marilyn's Little Red Wagon, Circa 1946

May 15, 2018
posted by Mindy Stumpf

Throughout the year, families share the ways Radio Flyer toys have brought smiles and created warm memories for their family. We love hearing about your adventures, especially when they last for generations.


Little Red Stories: The Bruce Legacy

May 01, 2018
posted by Mindy Stumpf

Radio Flyer toys have affected many generations over the past 100 years, creating warm memories for families around the world. We love hearing these stories of fun, imaginative play, especially when the memories continue throughout their family tree.


Little Red Stories: A Girl, Her Dog and an Iconic Red Wagon

March 20, 2018
posted by Mindy Stumpf

We adore hearing stories about how our products have brought smiles and created warm memories for families that last a lifetime. In this installment of Little Red Stories, we meet Henley as she journeys to the toy store with her dad where he insists, “every little girl needs a Little Red Wagon”.


Little Red Stories: A 26-Week Premie Finds Joy

January 30, 2018
posted by Mindy Stumpf

Ian and Aidan were born prematurely on December 9, 2015, in Midlothian, Virginia. Heartbreakingly, Aidan's lungs gave out after four hours. Meanwhile, Ian was rushed to the NICU, where he spent the next 73 days. He came home on oxygen support and needed it for the next six months as he grew bigger and stronger.


Little Red Story: Thankful for the Sun & Little Things

December 10, 2015
posted by Allison Rivers

When going through tough times, it sometimes helps to look forward to the sunshine after the rain…but what about the trike ride after the flood?