7 Best Tricycles for Learning to Pedal

May 21, 2019
posted by Chelsea Lavin

If you’re anything like many of us at Radio Flyer, you have some memories of learning to ride a bike. There are a lot of different things happening when you learn to ride. You’re worried your parents will let go too soon, you’ve got a helmet (and sometimes knee pads) on, you have a lot to think about. How do I pedal, steer and remember to break all in an instant?!


Little Red Story: Thankful for the Sun & Little Things

December 10, 2015
posted by Allison Rivers

When going through tough times, it sometimes helps to look forward to the sunshine after the rain…but what about the trike ride after the flood?

Little Red Story: A Very Happy First Tricycle Ride

December 10, 2015
posted by Allison Rivers

Our Little Red Stories September winner lit up our day with his bright and sweet smile!

Little Red Story: First Bike

January 30, 2015
posted by Brittney Snow

No one really knows when birthdays originated. Researchers have hypothesized that the celebration of another year dates back to as early as 3,000 B.C.E, in Egypt.

How to Wrap a Radio Flyer

December 19, 2014
The list are signed, sealed and delivered to the North Pole. Tools have been found, instructions interpreted, and the wheels are finally on the wagon. The prefect gift is ready to roll into Christmas morning!

Little Red Story: Big Victory!

October 08, 2014
posted by Brittney Snow

As a parent, how many times have you found yourself jumping up and down, smiling and yelling “You can do it”? Sometimes it’s to motivate yourself, but most of the time it’s to encourage your kids as they work towards their next big accomplishment. From the moment when your little one lets go of your fingers and takes one big step, to the first time they kick a soccer ball towards the goal, you’re their biggest cheerleader.

Little Red Story: Nuts & Bolts

July 01, 2014
posted by Emily Brandenstein

Congratulations to Jennifer C., the Little Red Stories winner for May! Jennifer submitted this picture of  her 4-year-old son, Luke, working on his trike to make it go “super fast,” as Luke puts it. We love how our trikes encourages kids like Luke to learn how to be handy with tools and tune-ups!

Are You a Creative Genius?

December 19, 2013
posted by Tracy Baldwin

We know we have some of the best brand fans in the world … and some of the most creative and imaginative.  That’s why we are inviting YOU, our most loyal fans, to tap into your inner inventor to create the next Radio Flyer wagon, trike, scooter, bike or ride-on.

Little Red Story Winner: Mama Sit!

December 09, 2013
posted by Tracy Baldwin

Congratulations to Reesa Allee, our October Little Red Stories contest winner for her story, “Mama Sit.”  She and her husband, Tre, adopted a little boy from Ethiopia last year—Amare Dawit.   Reesa keeps her own blog about her family’s adventure into adoption, including anticipating the arrival of a little sister from Ethiopia soon! 

Wagon Transformation: The Ultimate Trike

September 16, 2013
posted by Randy Sandlin

I have seen a lot of Radio Flyer wagon transformations since starting my blog in January.  Everything from wagon go-carts to revamped pickup trucks, but this is the first tricycle transformation. This cycle was designed and built by Mike Torre of West Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and it's a beauty.