Time Flies, Enjoy the Summer Adventures

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Time Flies, Enjoy the Summer Adventures

June 11, 2019
posted by Mindy Stumpf

Summer is just beginning and we want to help your family enjoy the many memories you will create this summer. From s’mores around the fire to trips to the pool – and lots of sidewalk chalk in between. While you and your little ones are creating your summer bucket list, we thought we’d give you a jump start with some creative and classic summer activities for you to enjoy.


In your own backyard

  • Build a fort out of trees and sticks
  • Play in the sprinkler
  • Draw with sidewalk chalk
  • Water Balloon Fight (hint: Radio Flyer wagons make excellent water balloon carriers)
  • Make a wagon “food truck” and sell cookies and lemonade to the neighborhood 


Travel adventures

  • Take a family trip to a u-pick farm for summer fresh fruits and vegetables
  • “Travel” to your local farmers market or grocery store – who says errands can’t be mini adventures?
  • Go camping! (You can do this in your backyard, too)
  • Take the family to a national park for some sightseeing and outdoor fun
  • Travel somewhere you’ve always wanted to go


Free adventures

  • Take a trip to the library in your little red wagon
  • Head to a park and have a picnic
  • Play kickball
  • Watch a neighborhood baseball game


Indoor Adventures

  • Color a picture
  • Create a pretend indoor “dry creek” with sticks for fishing poles and paper fish. Attach a magnet to each fish and to the end of your fishing line for endless hours of fun!
  • Build a cardboard rocket ship with your wagon as the base!
  • Play indoor hopscotch using pillows and cushions
  • Read a book!

What summer adventures do you have planned for the family? Share your ideas and pictures with us below and on social media using #radioflyer.