Top 4 Adventures with Your Grandchildren

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Top 4 Adventures with Your Grandchildren

September 05, 2019
posted by Kate Fahrenbach

We love to head out the door with our grandsons on all kinds of adventures, big and small. They love playing at Nana and Papa's house, but it is always fun to switch up the routine. Here are 4 of my favorite places to take our grandsons:


1. Park

We often load the boys into our wagon and walk to the park with buckets in hand for rock hunting and stick gathering. We love having a canopy that will keep them out of the sun. Plus, there is always extra room for snacks and treats!


2. Zoo

For a special trip, we may drive to the zoo. A folding wagon, like the 3-in-1 Off-Road EZ Fold Camo Wagon, is perfect for trips like this. The bench seating works great for picnic lunches and offers prime seating for animal watching. As an added bonus, your grandkids will feel like they blend right in with their surroundings with the camo fabric, perfect for encouraging imagination and storytelling on your zoo adventure.


3. Around the Neighborhood

When we are exploring the neighborhood in search of construction sites, motorcycles, and helicopters, the boys love pedaling along on their Stroll ‘N Trikes. When their little legs get tired, we’re happy to push them along.


4. Beach

Trips to the beach are always fun and eventful! Our favorite beach vehicle is the classic metal wagon with wood sides and big air tires, the All-Terrain Steel & Wood Wagon. It has plenty of room for beach equipment, sand toys, and towels. It’s a smooth ride over the dunes and easy to maneuver.


It’s often the simplest activities, planned or unplanned, that create the most enduring memories. Don’t forget to stop along the way when your passengers spot special treasures! What kind of adventures do you go on with your grandkids?