Top 7 Gardening Products

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Top 7 Gardening Products

May 12, 2020
posted by Chelsea Lavin

The sun is shining, May flowers are blooming, and spring has sprung! One of the best ways to celebrate the spring season is by flexing your green thumb in the garden. Gardening has a variety of benefits spanning from physical health and mental wellness to expanded education and skill development – not to mention it yields beautiful flowers, vibrant plants, and delicious foods. It is also a fun activity that the whole family can get involved in. Kids will love helping out with planting, watering, and watching their creations grow! To help kick start your gardening activities this year, we’ve complied our 7 favorite products for both adults and kids to use in the garden.



1. All-Terrain Cargo Wagon – This is the ultimate gardening wagon. The rugged all-terrain air tires ensure smooth hauling on all terrains. High wooden sides create the perfect space for all of your gardening supplies. Or, simply remove the wooden sides for flatbed hauling capacity of 200 lbs. – great for mulch and larger plants!

2. Kids Wheelbarrow – Whether your little one brings this garden wheelbarrow around your living room to plant an imaginary flowers or actually helps you gather veggies from your backyard garden, they are sure to love their new multi-use toy!

3. All-Terrain Steel & Wood Wagon – The high wood sides and rugged all-terrain air tires make this wagon ideal for all of your garden hauling needs up to 200 lbs.

4. Big Red Classic ATW – With sides 50% deeper than our Classic Red Wagon, this vehicle (also featuring rugged air tires!) is the perfect combination of cargo capacity and classical styling.

5. Town & Country® Wagon – The Town & Country® Wagon is a classic favorite that also provides easy cargo hauling. Removable high wooden sides create a versatile yard wagon with a flatbed mode.

6. Classic Red Wagon – This icon of childhood doubles as a great gardening accessory. The sleek steel body creates a premium look and lasting durability that help with garden hauling or serve as a beautiful planter.

7. Little Toy Red Wagon – The Little Toy Red Wagon is the perfect helper for kids gardening. While you use a full size wagon for cargo hauling, your little one can be just like Mom, Dad, Grandma, or Grandpa and pull around their own wagon to help with kids gardening activities. This little wagon also makes for an adorable succulent planter.


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