Triple Play Wagon: 3x the Fun!

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Triple Play Wagon: 3x the Fun!

April 15, 2013
posted by Melissa Enos

When I was a kid, I always wanted my own space in the car during family road trips.  There was an “invisible” line that divided my brother, sister and I in the back seat.

It can be the same way for kids no matter what vehicle they are in!  That’s one reason we created the new Radio Flyer Triple Play Deluxe Wagon.  It provides space for up to three kids.   My favorite part of the wagon is how versatile the options are with seating.   You can have one, two or three kids in the wagon.  This is important for moms looking for an easy way to transport three small children; the Triple Play Deluxe Wagon is a fun alternative to a stroller where each kid can sit down.

Another key feature:  the extra, extra large storage in the back lets you bring a lot of stuff along.   I have tested it by putting a blanket, diapers, water bottles, book, and toys in the storage.  It’s amazing to see there is still space for more stuff.  This is what our designers intended.

“As we were developing the Triple Play Deluxe wagon, we looked at several different options to add storage to the wagon.  The final solution of a fabric bag with a steel wire support offers the option to easily fold it away or open it up for mega storage space on the back for blankets, jackets, cooler, toys and more,” said Tom Schlegel, senior vice president of product development.

Don’t just take our word for it. Moms of multiples seem to like the Triple Play Deluxe Wagon too. Check out what they are saying.

What do you think about the Triple Play Deluxe Wagon?