The Ultimate Go-Kart for Kids

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The Ultimate Go-Kart for Kids

September 24, 2020
posted by Chelsea Lavin


Every kid dreams of having their very own go-kart to race, ride, drift, and zoom in. Did you know you can turn that childhood dream into a reality? Simply bring home the fun with Radio Flyer’s Ultimate Go-Kart! This 2020 Parents’ Choice Recommended Award Winner delivers high-speed fun right to your driveway. From rookie rider to pro racer, this electric go-kart is sure to be a family favorite. Read on to learn more about this ultimate riding machine.


1. What features does it have?

Drifting Wheels

The wheels were designed for ultimate drifting action. The front tires include tread strips for agility and maneuverability while the large back tires offer more glide, allowing riders to easily transition into a drifting motion.

Rechargeable 24 Volt Battery

Unlike traditional go-karts, our model uses a 24V battery instead of gas to fuel the car. The battery is easy to use and recharge – charger included! – for hours of racing fun before you need to plug it in. Simply use the rear charging port on the back of the vehicle for pit stops made easy.

Safety Features

As our Product Development engineers were creating the Ultimate Go-Kart, they added thoughtful features to ensure that the product be both safe and fun. Safety features include a seat belt, fenders, a sturdy steel frame, a parent-controlled speed lock option, and automatic braking. There is even an extra-tall safety flag designed so racers can be easily seen zipping around sidewalk corners, even from an SUV.


2. How fast does it go?

From relaxed riding to speed racing, the Ultimate Go-Kart is the ideal vehicle for all drivers. It features speed settings of 2.5 mph, 5 mph, and 8 mph, and kids can choose their own speed by simply shifting gears. This electric go-kart also includes a single speed reverse setting.


3. What is the age & weight limit?

We recommend this vehicle for ages 3-8 years old with a maximum weight capacity of 81 lbs.


Ready to ride? Get your very own Ultimate Go-Kart today and be sure to check out our other battery-powered ride-on toys.