Wagon Transformation: The Ultimate Trike

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Wagon Transformation: The Ultimate Trike

September 16, 2013
posted by Randy Sandlin

I have seen a lot of Radio Flyer wagon transformations since starting my blog in January.  Everything from wagon go-carts to revamped pickup trucks, but this is the first tricycle transformation. This cycle was designed and built by Mike Torre of West Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and it's a beauty.

Mike knew he wanted to build a trike but didn’t know what style.  He woke up one night with an image of a Radio Flyer tricycle in his head.  He went online the next day and started researching and downloading images to help provide further inspiration for his creation.  His goal was to build a product that would turn heads as he drove down the street.

Mike had both a Radio Flyer wagon and tricycle as a child and rode them both until the rubber was worn off the tires. Now he gets to burn some rubber with this 750CC Honda motor-powered adult version.  I like the addition of the large wagon for hauling cargo. It reminds me of when kids attach their wagons to their bikes to transport toys or materials for building forts.

It took Mike about eight months of planning and prepping and six months to build the tricycle at a cost of $8,000.  The trike is a little bigger than the one he had as a child; this ultimate trike is 6.5-feet long and 53-inches wide.  In addition to designing and building the frame he also designed and built the electric reverse and posi traction.  I like the added touch of the two-tone seat and spoked wheels, both classic design details seen on the classic tricycle Radio Flyer Model #33.

Mike is taking good care of his new Radio Flyer inspired ride.  The fastest he has gone is 30 mph, and he has only driven it three miles.  He definitely put more miles on his trike as a child.

If you have created or seen any cool Radio Flyer rides, please share with us on our Facebook page! What do you think of this Ultimate Trike?