We're Going on a Spring Hunt!

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We're Going on a Spring Hunt!

May 14, 2020
posted by Mindy Stumpf

Many of you may remember the popular children’s book We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen. Whether it was read to you during your own childhood or your children love it today, it is a beloved classic that has certainly been a popular topic over the past couple of months as neighborhoods have been uniting over “Bear Hunts” of their own. To celebrate the spring season and to help families continue #PlayingAtHome, Radio Flyer has created our own version of this neighborhood game, a Neighborhood Spring Hunt!


To host this fun event in your neighborhood, coordinate with any neighbors that want to participate. Assign each household one of the items from the list. We’ve chosen 8 fun spring illustrations to stick to the seasonal theme: a flower, a bird, a blossoming tree, a bunny, a sun, an umbrella, a watering can, and a wheelbarrow. Kids from each household can creatively color and decorate their assigned spring illustration however they’d like. Hang up your completed creation in a front window so that your printable is easily visible from outside. On your next family walk, print off the direction sheet, hop in your wagon, and see if you and your kids can spot all eight items hanging in windows. Hint: start with your own window to get that first item checked off!

As an alternative, these spring printables make great coloring sheets for an artistic craft. You can even host a Spring Hunt for just your family – simply place the printable sheets in different locations around the house or in the yard for a family fun adventure right at home. To add an imaginative element, little ones can dress up and pretend like they are detectives searching for clues or explorers searching for the treasures of spring.

Ready to go on a Spring Hunt? Be sure to tag us in pictures of your adventures by using #radioflyer!