Why “Word on the Sidewalk”?

Our Blog: Word on the Sidewalk

Why “Word on the Sidewalk”?

September 27, 2012
posted by Kim Lefko

There is a buzz in Chicago … ok, there is a buzz at the Radio Flyer headquarters in Chicago. It’s around the launch of our new & improved website and for the first time ever (in 95 years)— our very own blog.  Since we are new to this, we’d love your feedback on how we are doing,  your participation (because, let’s face it, without you, we aren’t a true community), and your help in spreading the word. 

We are obsessed with fun—and figure since you are reading this, you must be too.  As we discussed the launch of our blog – we brainstormed many great blog titles that incorporated our collective energy and enjoyment of life. Some of our favorites were:

  • A Wheely Good Blog – because we LOVE wheels, they represent speed, freedom, adventure – and they are the core of what we do
  • Miles of Smiles – we know kids are having fun based on the arch that lights up their face
  • Keepin’ it Wheel – ok that was on the list, but felt a little cliché
  • How We Roll—back to wheels, but too much about us

Where did we land? Word on the Sidewalk. Why?

The SIDEWALK represents so much …

… it’s a place that takes you to the next adventure.  I know the minute our girls leave the driveway and turn onto the sidewalk, it’s synonymous to the OPEN ROAD for a 5 year old.

… it’s where neighbors congregate to socialize, chat, share

… it creates a border around tight-knit communities

… it’s where friends meet-up to play, dream & socialize

… it’s where ramps are built, cracks are jumped and hopscotch drawings are etched.

Well … a sidewalk is a place where smiles are spread and memories are made.  And that’s what we are all about.

AND we are fanatics for FUN and anything that flies down the sidewalk. 

So here we go, we are ready to roll down the sidewalk of cyberspace.  And we look forward to having you along with us for the ride.  Here’s to new adventures!

Any words of wisdom or thoughts to share as we begin our blog?