Wiggles, Wags, & Waves: Behind-the-scenes with Ziggle

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Wiggles, Wags, & Waves: Behind-the-scenes with Ziggle

June 27, 2013
posted by Melissa Enos

We recently shot a video on a sun-filled afternoon with a group of adorable, excited kids—and one talented dog--on Huntington Beach Pier in California to help introduce our latest ride-on: Ziggle—a new way to ride and play. As the kids rode, they would yell “Wiggle,” or “You’ve got to wiggle & giggle!” or simply “Ziggle!” Maggie, a fluffy, too-cute white poodle, was clearly the star and enjoyed the spotlight.

The on-lookers at the beach couldn’t help but smile as they saw the kids and Maggie having fun on the Ziggle.   At the end of the shoot, all the kids kept riding. They didn’t want to get off, showing off the tricks and spins they mastered on the Ziggle.

What do you think of the video and the new Ziggle?