Little Red Stories

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"We have lived on a dairy farm for 37 years in Southwestern PA and raised our three sons. The entrance into the farm was a coke-ash lane, approximately 3/10 of a mile long, lined with silver maple trees. Our youngest son, Chad, who was around five years of age, was very inventive with his wooden Radio Flyer wagon. My husband has always been very fond of Airdales and their unique personality. We've raised several during our years of dairy farming. During Chad's childhood, we had a dog named, Chip, who was only happy when he had a corn cob positioned tightly in his mouth, his form of a pacifier. Chad enjoyed pulling his wagon in and out of our lane with Chip, the dog, happily walking along side with his corn cob tote. Well, the one day, he had the idea to fill his wagon with dried cobs of corn from the corn bin and then tie Chip to the wagon. It's remarkable how many things kids can find to tie with discarded binder twine, in this case, the dog. Chad plopped himself into the wagon with the corn, took the corn cob from Chip's mouth and then proceeded to throw a corn cob ahead of the wagon. Chip with his obsession to have that corn cob in his mouth, would run to pick up the corn that Chad had tossed ahead of the wagon, and each time that the new cob was tossed ahead, Chip would instintively drop the old one from his mouth to fetch the new one. So whala, new transportation in and out the lane, along with his dog, his Red Rider wagon, a load of corn and a very happy five year old. "
Cob ExpressBy: Ann F.