Little Red Stories

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"My son was born with deformed lens in both eyes which made him blind 20/800. He had multiple surgeries to remove his lens, but was too young to have artificial lens put in. He was 2 months old and the day after Christmas. So after a major fight with the FDA, he was going to have an experimental surgery to have donor tissue put in his eyes. It was like having a human tissue as a built in contact lens put under his corneal tissue. So the fitting was another surgery and it's not easy to not feed a 7 month old after midnight. Then comes the major surgeries, putting the donor tissue in the day after his 1st birthday. It was again hard not to feed your baby, BUT he had gotten a little red Radio Flyer wagon for his birthday. We filled it with a blanket & toys and pulled him all over the hospital. We cut corners and ran having all kinds of fun while waiting on the doctor. So he was too busy laughing and having fun to think about a drink or food. The wagon also helped when one of the tissues didn't take and had to be removed. In total he had 10 surgeries by the age of 2 1/2. The surgeries after he got his wagon there were less tears,(mine and his). Thank you Radio Flyer for helping my son, (and his very upset mother) and making my baby boy have a better experience than it could have been. He is now 17 and legal to drive! I also now have a grandson, (from his older sister) and we are restoring his daddy's Radio Flyer for his 1st Christmas. And now EVERY grandchild I will ever have WILL get a Radio Flyer for their 1st Christmas!!!
Jeremys storyBy: Christie B.