1964 Town and Country Radio Flyer

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1964 Town and Country Radio Flyer
By: Thomas M. |  Setting: Florida, Virginia, New Jersey  |  Date:  Friday, March 30, 2018
In 1964 we purchased the all word Town and Country Radio flyer for our daughters. In the on coming years it became the center piece of their play activities. Needless to say it took a beating and in the last few years it was ready for the junk pile. But not to be. It was the trophy we wanted to save to remember all the good times we had with the wagon always in center stage. Long walks with the four girls huddle with their dog loving every minute of the ride. Parades down main street USA with the girls who could fit loving the attention. Filled with dirt, rocks and weeds from many garden chords over the many years of use, our Radio Flyer was to be rewarded not junked. What happen next was amusing. With your help our Radio Flyer has been restored into mint condition and is the center piece of our home. Thank you Radio Flyer you are the best.

The Mariani Family

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