1st Christmas

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1st Christmas
By: Alma T. |  Date:  Sunday, July 27, 2014
Sam has been riding in his Radio Flyer Steer & Stroll coupe since he was a mere 3 months old. He was born in September of 2013 and Mom and Dad were breaking their head trying to figure out what would make a memorable yet fun 1st Christmas present. After several trips to different toy stores and with time winding down before the big day, one mild December Texas night, Dad made a run to the store to get diapers for little Sam. As he was nearing the register, a toy box caught the corner of his eye. It was the Radio Flyer Steer & Stroll Coupe. He knew he had found just what he and Mom had been searching for all along! Hurriedly, Dad called Mom, and excited, they both knew this would be the perfect present for Sam. Little did they know their baby boy would come to love riding his car more than anything else in the world. 'Vroom, Vroom!' (As Sam likes to call his beloved car) always accompanies Sam on trips to the park, to the grocery store and just about everywhere. Vroom, Vroom may have a reserved spot in Mom and Dad's SUV, but it has an extra special spot in a little boy's heart to keep the good times rolling no matter where the road leads.

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