1st Red Wagon

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1st Red Wagon
By: Jonathan H. |  Date:  Monday, September 16, 2013
Logan's first "Little Red Wagon"

When I was a little boy, I remember how much fun I used to have playing with a red, Radio Flyer wagon, when I visited my grandparents' farm. My cousins and I used to take turns riding it down the front lawn, or pulling each other up the drive way in the wagon. The red, Radio Flyer could "transform" into whatever our imaginations could come up with.

Now, I am grown up, married, and have started a family. My wife and I welcomed the birth of our son, Logan last year. I knew that when he was old enough, I had to get him his own Radio Flyer, so he could create some memories of his own. How perfect, that as Logan approaches 1 year old, Radio Flyer has a wagon just for him! One that can also help him develop, as he learns to stand and walk. Logan is pictured here in his first, little red, Radio Flyer Wagon/Walker, an early birthday present, that I am sure he will enjoy, until he is ready to grow into his next Radio Flyer wagon...

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