The 1st Year

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The 1st Year
By: Candy M. |  Date:  Thursday, April 24, 2014
Our grandson Hayden was six months old when he road in his first radio flyer wagon as a ring bearer for his parents wedding. He loved it so much they bought him his On my way! for his first Christmas! He was full of joy sitting in his new wagon on Christmas morning. He loves to go to the zoo or just around the yard in his wagon or just use it to play in with his toys. Hayden is now turning one and our excitement is replacing parts on his Uncle Dalton's little red roadster to give him at his first birthday. His Pop's is working hard on finishing it and seeing the look on his first grandson face. Radio Flyer has been in both of our families for many generations . Snow sleds, scooters and yes the famous wagons. There is no substitution for Radio Flyer.

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