20 Minutes

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20 Minutes
By: Jordyn S. |  Date:  Wednesday, September 11, 2013
I have 20 minutes before I need to load us up to pick up big brother from preschool. Cooper may be my third child, but I committed myself to capturing milestones in his life... today marks his 8th month 'birth day'. With the unusually wet Tennessee summer we've had, the grass and trees are a surprisingly vibrant green, hence why we head outside for today's photoshoot. The grass is a little tall, a little damp, and 8 month olds need containment! What fits the ticket and what else captures childhood better than a Radio Flyer red wagon? He was fairly uncooperative, wanting to play and wander around the wagon rather than pose for his Mommy-tographer. I snap a few shots, then his 'other' big brother hops in the wagon and holds him in his lap while we make a few rounds of our yard - all while they gleefully smile and giggle. Our 20 minutes are up and it is time to continue with our day... but the past 20 minutes are now immortalized in my memory - and captured in this grin. We love our wagon!

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