30 plus years of fun and memories

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30 plus years of fun and memories
By: Heather S. |  Setting: Crown Point Indiana  |  Date:  Wednesday, December 31, 1969
So back in 1984 my grandmother bought me my first wagon. As years went on not only did this wagon provide me with awesome trips around the block with my mom it provided a lifetime of memories. 1987 my sister was born and soon too she would enjoy these walks of ours as mom pulled us in our wagon. We loved to put a soft blanket down to make a little cushion for us and the steel did get a little hot in the summer sun. Some favorite memories where when mom entered us into the annual City Fest parades! One year we turned our wagon into a police car I was the cop and sister was the jail bird. The year after we made it into a cool gurney with iv pole/ iv and my cousins joined us. My sister always got to ride in the wagon for these parades. She was the poor beat up patient while we were the life saving doctors. During those years we put some good mileage on our little wagon. Unfortunately, Mom and Dad divorced. However, mom found a new love and new siblings!!!! My picture features my little brother in 2001......taking a ride as the ring barer for my moms wedding! That wagon has lasted us a very long time and many many memories. I will have to take it out and let my 1 year old daughter enjoy the ride as well. Thanks Radio Flyer for many wonderful years of memories.

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