Afraid of Santa, Not of Radio Flyer

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Afraid of Santa, Not of Radio Flyer
By: Cara C. |  Date:  Tuesday, December 15, 2015
This is my little guy Jaise. He was 14 months old in this picture. I decided to do a Christmas photo shoot of him in his Radio Flyer wagon. The Radio Flyer wagon was a valuable tool to keep him still during the pictures but the wagons colors are also perfect for a Christmas theme. I knew I had to take these pictures because they would be the only good Christmas pictures I would have of him this year. You see Jaise is still wary of strangers and I knew when the day came to get his picture with Santa it wasn't going to turn out good. The day came and we took Jaise to our local mall where Santa was. We got in line to wait and Jaise was fine the whole time. He loved looking around as this was only his second trip to the mall. He especially loved watching the elevator go up and down. It was finally his turn to sit on Santa's lap. I walked up to Santa and placed Jaise on his lap. Jaise watched as I walked away and realized someone else must be holding him. Jaise turned around and saw Santa and lost it. Needless to say Jaise is screaming and crying in his Santa pictures. I am so glad I decided to take these pictures of him in his Radio Flyer wagon so I at least have some adorable pictures of him for Christmas 2015!

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