After 79 yrs!

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After 79 yrs!
By: Gordon C. |  Date:  Wednesday, December 18, 2013
"I was moved to tears when I received my little red wagon from a dear friend for Christmas this year. I am 85 and I have wanted one since I was 6. My friend told me I was never too old for a happy childhood. I need to lose a little weight as I am above the 200lb weight limit but am so thrilled to have this wagon that many of my friends had when I was growing up and that my poor divorced mother was never able to afford. I am unsure how I will use my wagon but this past year I became a great grandfather to twin girls. I know they will love this wagon too and that pulling my girls around in this wagon will be great for my blood sugar as I suffer from diabetes. This little red wagon will also help me easily transport my landscaping tools to do my yard work. This is the best Christmas present ever!"

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