Baby Brother's Gift

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Baby Brother's Gift
By: Blaze H. |  Setting: Columbus, OH  |  Date:  Sunday, June 3, 2018
My daughter Millie was very apprehensive of her baby brother Bryson when he was born on 6.1.18. When he came home from the hospital though, she discovered that Baby Bryson had got her a brand new radio flyer tricycle!!!! This completely changed her attitude around for how she responds to her new brother. She knows that Bryson loves her sooo much, and she is becoming a great big sister. In particular whenever he cries she tries to give him his pacifier AKA Wubby. Now she can't wait to come home from daycare go on a walk with her baby brother while she rides her new tricycle!!! I would recommend this plan for anyone bringing their second child home, and it is a great tricycle too!!!!

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