Best Christmas Ever!

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Best Christmas Ever!
By: Linda J. |  Setting: Pontiac, MI/Florence, AL  |  Date:  Thursday, December 26, 1957
In 1957 I got a Radio Flyer tricycle for Christmas. I was 4, but I was short, very short. There was a double deck on it. I couldn't reach the pedals and the double deck was too high for me to push the trike. I sat on the trike for hours at a time. Sometimes I would push my best friend. Sometimes she would push me. I sure did love that trike. I bought my grandson one when he was 3. He could reach the pedals. Now that I'm old, I have a Radio Flyer wagon that helps me bring in the groceries, take yard trash to the woods, and give my grandbabies a ride when they are too tired to walk. Love me some Radio Flyer.

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