Best Friends

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Best Friends
By: Lois M. |  Date:  Monday, September 2, 2013
"From early on until I was about 9 and we moved away - which was some 40+ years ago now - my best friend was Shawn Stroh. We did everything together (he even asked to marry me when we were about 6). He had trouble walking - but as kids do, I ignored it and kept playing with him. I even took to walking pigeon toed like he did to make him feel better (I still walk like that today).

Anyway, his parent were terrific. They bought him a very cool red wagon and I had him sit in the back and I would race up and down the sidewalks with him laughing in the back. Or we would just sit in the back and talk about all the important things children share.

We were inseparable. We spent every minute of sunshine together. He knew my every thought and dream and I knew his.

Shawn had Muscular Dystrophy and died in High School. But we had the joyous time together of laughter, talking and just sitting in that wonderful red wagon.

Thanks for letting me share those precious memories."

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