Big Victory!

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Big Victory!
By: Kathryn W. |  Date:  Friday, August 22, 2014
My little 2-year-old angel, Aria Rayne, just learned how to ride her 1st Radio Flyer in our backyard! Learning to ride a tricycle is a triumphant victory in the eyes of a toddler. It is like graduation day for a college senior. It is BIG, NEW, and EXCITING! There is nothing in the world quite like the smile that stretches from one ear to the other on a child's face. Watching Aria learn how to pedal and steer all by herself was a proud moment for mommy and daddy because it was watching our child learn the importance of trial, hard work, overcoming fear, and conquering an independent goal! These are all valuable things that people carry through life...and it to think, for Aria, it all started with a pink Radio Flyer with tassels! Thank you for your AMAZING products...Children and adults alike get to enjoy the benefits and fun that they provide!

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