boys in red

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boys in red
By: carolyn G. |  Date:  Sunday, March 30, 2014
"My son Steven, now 17, had a Radio Flyer wagon when he was a little boy. I have a picture of him pulling it in the snow and his arms are stretched out wide. That is one of my favorite pictures of him because he looked so happy. He used that wagon for everything. It took quite a beating so we got a new one and we got the trailer that hooked to the back of it. He was on top of the world with his new wagon and trailer. Little boys and red wagons. They just go together so perfectly. I miss those days and now want to do the same for my grandsons. I know they will love having one as well. I'm Granny and would love one for myself! Pulling my little boy in his wagon will always be a happy memory for me."

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