Boys Tails

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Boys Tails
By: Darlene G. |  Date:  Saturday, November 30, 2013
This picture hangs in my living room and always will for several reasons. First is the story it tells just in looking at the picture ;our grandsons Triston and Tanner loved riding in their Radio Flyer wagon, as did Kobe our Pug and on this hot July day Kobe and Tanner were listening so intently as Triston tells a story.
It shows the love between a boy and his wagon and the places they would go, the stories they would share that will last a lifetime..
We lost our precious pug last year and our grandsons have since outgrown the wagon but will forever cherish these memories. This picture will forever be on display on our living room wall and is a favorite conversation piece by all our guests, because after all....who can't relate to a boy, his dog and his little red wagon.

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