Brian's Wagon

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Brian's Wagon
By: Kathy W. |  Date:  Sunday, December 1, 2013
"My son, Brian, loved his Radio Flyer wagon, which was given to him by his grandparents in 1984. He was only a year old at the time. We lived in Abington, MA and later moved to Pembroke, MA, where he had plenty of room to pull the wagon. He used it almost daily growing up. He went to the Naval Academy and then served in the Navy, including in Afghanistan. He is now married and having his first child. I decided that the best gift I could give him for his new daughter was his beloved wagon. My brother refinished it and we gave it to him as a shower gift. He was even more excited to receive it than even I imagined.

I have to admit that I miss the wagon, because after Brian outgrew it, I used it for my gardening and antique shopping. I plan to get Radio Flyer wagons for my other grandchildred, and hope they will enjoy them as much as Brian."

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