Bringing my Son's Imagination to Life

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Bringing my Son's Imagination to Life
By: Michael M. |  Setting: Atlanta, Ga.  |  Date:  Friday, September 16, 2016
My 5yo son and I are real car guys - but we're also wagon guys with several in our collection. We attend many car shows each year, and when he was about a year old, I decided that showing up in a stroller just wasn't cool enough for him anymore. I bought an old Radio Flyer #18 and customized it for him, and he was hooked. The first one was simple, but it started a passionate hobby. We now have 8 custom wagons in our collection, the last several direct from his imagination and each more elaborate than the last. This latest one is a rat rod tow truck to haul around a second wagon (I guess we're at the 'show two off at once' stage) when attending car shows. My son often gets more attention than some of the best cars there, and he loves it.

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