A Broken leg can't stop this kid

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A Broken leg can't stop this kid
By: Steve S. |  Setting: Crystal Lake, Il  |  Date:  Friday, May 8, 2020
My 6 year old son recently broke his femur. It was a nasty spiral fracture that happened when he fell off a skateboard. After getting a plate and nine screws in his leg, the doctor told us he would need to avoid bearing weight for at least 6 weeks. We have a very active kid who loves soccer, baseball, riding his bike, and just plain running around in the yard. He was heartbroken when he learned he would not be able to be as active as before - and for what probably seems like an eternity for a small child. My wife did some research and found your Cyclone was the perfect arm powered toy that would allow him to play outside again and be as active as possible during this long 6 weeks. His leg was in a brace that allowed him to bend his knee slightly to sit perfectly in the Cyclone. He was so excited when he watched us bring it out to show him, and immediately started zipping around the house in it. It was much more versatile than his bulky wheelchair, and this quickly became his new mode of transportation. We would go for a short walk down the street each day with our bulky armed boy running circles around us, doing 360s, gaining speed and sliding sideways, making up new tricks every day. Have you ever seen muscle definition on the arms of a 6 year old? We have! The cyclone allowed him mobility and joy in a way that nothing else could during his long 6 weeks of recovery. After only 5 weeks, he wore the thing out so much that we even had to order a replacement wheel. We're waiting on that to arrive now while he's starting to take his first steps again. It's a slow and steady process, but as soon as we get this Cyclone operational again, he'll be cruising as fast as he wants until the end of his recovery. Thanks for making this wonderfully designed machine!

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