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By: Cody H. |  Date:  Sunday, February 22, 2015
"I always remember my Radio Flyer wagon I had growing up. The one memory that is clearest to me is when I was six, my older brother Darry talked me into taking my wagon down a big hill together. At the bottom of the steep hill was a huge canal. We were at the top discussing our run plans and debating who would sit up front and steer. My brother suddenly stopped arguing with me and gladly agreed that I would be in the front and steer. We started off and gained tremendous speed, just before the bottom Darry bailed off and let the wagon and I take the plunge.

He did assist me in getting out but my Radio Flyer was gone. I begged my parents for another one but time passed with no such luck. Later in the fall, out playing, I noticed the canal was empty. I ran down the hill and to my surprise the wagon was still there. I recovered it and took it home. My father cleaned it up and I was back in business. I was relieved to have it back and learned that brothers can lead you on and if they give up easily on an argument, there is probably an underlying plan.

There was many more great memories in that wagon and I have made sure that my kids got a Radio Flyer!

Your friend, customer & fan,
Cody Hutto"

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