BuzzLight Jet

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BuzzLight Jet
By: Brian J. |  Date:  Friday, November 1, 2013
Here is my son Brock as Buzz Light Year in his All Terrain Wagon transformed into a Buzz Light Year jet for 2013 Halloween in Dracut, Ma. I wanted my son to have a great Halloween and though his favorite thing is his wagon. So I made wings out of styrofoam and notched it to fit. Added flashing strobe lights on front and on sides under wings. A kids chair fit nice and snug. Round styrofoam in back warped with foil. I warped the wagon in a foil sun deflector for a car windshield cut into pieces . Finally some paint and glow sticks. I loved my wagon as a kid and am certain my son will never forget his." TO Infinity And Beyond" ;;)) DAD

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