Camp Friends

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Camp Friends
By: rick S. |  Date:  Saturday, March 15, 2014
"It was a hot summer morning in the end of June in 1967. It was to be my first day of day camp. I woke up crying telling my mother that I didn't want to go. She told me I had no choice but told me she would pull me down to the bus in my Radio Flyer wagon. She waited at the bus stop with me and my wagon in monsey ny. It became very important to me because I overcame my fears of not being with my mother. As it ended up 2 years later I began attending sleepaway camp as both a camper and later as a counselor until 1983. 30 years later some of my best friends are still my camp friends. Had my mother not pulled me down to the bus the first time in my Radio Flyer wagon I would not have had the opportunity to have built the relationships that have lasted a lifetime. I now have a grandson and will purchase a Radio Flyer wagon so I can pull him around Cape Cod for our June Vacation and build our own lifetime memories."

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