Charity Flyer

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Charity Flyer
By: Scott and Beth J. |  Date:  Friday, November 7, 2014
Being the youngest of 7 children growing up, of course I had a Radio Flyer wagon. I would pretend it was a big dump truck ( my older brother drove a real dump truck ) and I would haul just about anything I could get my hands on. When I was big enough to get a hand me down bike from one of my older siblings, I would tie the wagon to the back and zoom around the driveway. This past summer, while hitting up yard sales, I came across an old kind of well used classic red wagon. It brought back such fond memories of that wagon and I had an idea. Being from Northern Ohio on the Ohio/Michigan border, we have a fun, sometimes intense, rivalry between Ohio State and Michigan Wolverines football teams ( Go BUCKS ). My wife Beth and I host a charity Halloween party each year so I thought how cool would it be to raffle off two wagons, one Ohio State and one Michigan, and give the money to this years charity choice which was the Toledo Fire and Rescue foundations "for Pete's Sake" charity. Well after a long summer of searching garage and yard sales we found to well used Radio Flyer wagons, I immediately went to the task of disassembling each wagon and making a list of parts needed for replacement. When word got out we had some great offers from local businesses that wanted to help. Maaco paint and body took both wagons and did what they do best... body and paint. One of the wagons was in such well used shape that the guys at Maaco decided to go the extra mile and bought a brand new wagon and donated it to us. The other wagon they fixed up and painted Michigan blue and yellow. Colonial Sign of Toledo then applied the custom Buckeye Flyer and Wolverine Flyer graphics completing the two builds. Beth and I scoured the stores and came up with literally two wagons full of Ohio State and Michigan stuff to complete the dream. Both wagons are pictured here with this story. $1200.00 was raised and given to the " for Pete's Sake " charity .

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