Chemo Fun

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Chemo Fun
By: Christina A. |  Date:  Wednesday, December 11, 2013
Dear Radio Flyer:
I ran into this Radio Flyer contest while I was just trying to tell you how awesome your product the scoot and zoom is for my little boy. Every Children’s Hospital needs one. Our story is a little different not very much green grass and blue skies but certainly happiness for one child...When our family was moving from Oahu to Germany in the summer of 2013 we landed in Colorado to visit family. After being there three days I took my son, Nate, into urgent care. Within 24 hours he was diagnosed with leukemia. We are now residing in Colorado utilizing Children’s Hospital of Colorado for all of Nate's care. We spend a ton of time there getting chemotherapy. Nate can have appointments up to three days per week. There is not a whole lot to do when getting chemo and for an active five year old it can get pretty boring. A lot of children end up watching lots of television to pass the time. My active boy has another joy at the hospital and actually gets excited to go because of one thing...the Radio Flyer Scoot and Zoom on the oncology floor. He searches high and low for it when we arrive. Once he has located it he is flying!! Everyone knows when Nate is in clinic because he tears around on the Scoot and Zoom. He circles the nurses’ station, roars down the straight hallways and plays chicken with his oncologist. He absolutely loves it! When Nate is riding he is in the zone of enjoying being a kid and it lets the leukemia and stress of chemo melt away. One of the chemotherapies Nate receives causes neuropathy which can lead to problems walking. I am convinced that since he is so busy scooting and zooming this has never been a problem. The doctors laugh when they give him an exam to see how agile he is because they have seen him zooming and know that he is doing great. thank you, Christina I hope this note makes it to your staff so they know they are making a difference!!

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