Christmas Joy

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Christmas Joy
By: Beverly S. |  Date:  Wednesday, April 16, 2014
My son Ryan had received the Spin‘N Saucer with Lights & Sounds for Christmas in 2012 from his Nana & Papa. He was so excited about it that he had to get it out of the box right away and try it out on there kitchen floor, I will never forget the how much fun he had when he used it for the first time and how much joy my mother and niece had while playing with him it was priceless. We do have a video of him playing on it that day as well but I was not able to load it onto the page and submit it. At the time he needed a little bit of help with it as to how to move on it but he is still playing with it on our ceramic tile floor at home almost a 1-1/2 later. We have many radio flyer products in our home and have been very happy with all of them. We have the Big Flyer bike, Pathfinder wagon, and just recently got the Ziggle for Christmas this year that we are waiting to get outside and try out this summer.

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