Coal bandit

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Coal bandit
By: Christine H. |  Date:  Thursday, October 24, 2013
"I had a large Radio Flyer wagon with the wooden rails when I was 6 years old (1960). We kept it at my aunt and uncle's house in Camden, NJ because we were there a lot because my father was ill and stayed at Cooper Hospital (right around the corner). I used to empty their coal bin into my Radio Flyer wagon and when I would come up from the basement, they would send me right back down to put all the coal back into the bin. Once I did that they would have to give me a bath (because I was as black as the coal) which was my ultimate goal as they had a HUGE 4 foot high claw tub that I loved to swim in with my sister. I share this story all the time because I did this every time we would go to their house. "

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