Connecting Generations

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Connecting Generations
By: Bret C. |  Setting: Howell, MI  |  Date:  Wednesday, March 2, 2016
About 30 years ago, my wife, Kay, asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I told her I wanted a wagon. Specifically, a Radio Flyer. It was a strange request for a young dad and she was puzzled, so I explained.

At that time we had one child, Ben. My plan was that every year, beginning with that year, on my birthday, I would skip work and take our kids to the zoo. I felt a wagon would be the best way for me to cart the kids around. So, she got me a Radio Flyer.

Over the next few years, Kay and I added two more children to our family, Marji and Patrick, and for several years I spent my birthdays pulling them around the zoo in my red wagon. As the kids got older, and too big for the wagon, we still went to the zoo on my birthday only now it served as a means of transporting a cooler and picnic supplies from the car to the picnic tables.

During those same years, my wagon and I pulled the kids on walks around town and to the annual Memorial Day parade where it doubled as a bench for the kids to sit in. It served me well for many years in its child transport capacity. Alas, the children grew up and the wagon took on a new job…hauling things around the yard. It was used for moving dirt, gravel, weeds and grass clippings. It transported flats of flowers and mulch. Right now it’s parked in the corner of the shed with some miscellaneous stuff sitting on it. It’s been there for a couple of years now. All dirty with some rust, dents, and dings.

I would never scrap my Radio Flyer, but I had thought a few times of dropping it off at the local thrift store, thinking perhaps another family could use it. I just couldn’t get rid of it though.

Right now, I’m glad I kept it. You see, recently, Ben and Jackie, our daughter-in-law, welcomed their absolutely beautiful daughter, Wynn, to the world! The joy, excitement, jubilation, and love I feel for my granddaughter is unbelievable! She is absolutely adorable and precious!

Now, just as soon as this snow melts, I’ll be out to the shed to get my neglected Radio Flyer. It’s going to need some work, but it’ll be a good restoration project for me. There are still a lot of miles left in both of us to pull my granddaughter, and future grandchildren, around town!

So, come on wagon, my old friend, let’s get you ready to go to the zoo!

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