A Dog Tale

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A Dog Tale
By: Tracy M. |  Date:  Tuesday, June 3, 2014
Our family consists of my husband, myself, our 10 month old baby boy, and two dogs Oscar and Hachi. My husband got me this wagon for my first Mother's Day. He got it for me because my two dogs are no longer at the same physical level. My dog Hachi was diagnosed with arthritis this last winter and she no longer can go on the long walks that we use to go on. However, my other dog is still very much wanting to go for long walks. Therefore, my husband got me this wagon so that once Hachi got tired walking, I could put her in and have Oscar continue to walk. Well in this photo you see my 10 month old son, Owen and the dog without arthritis, Oscar. Hachi is still too afraid to ride in the wagon, but Oscar has been happily modeling for her that it is not scary at all!

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