Dominic's brain surgery

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Dominic's brain surgery
By: Stephanie  C. |  Setting: Children's hospital Los Angeles  |  Date:  Tuesday, April 5, 2016
My son recently had brain surgery at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. He was in the PICU for several days after surgery and he was given a wagon to use to help him get around since he was having trouble walking. Dominic did not want to get out of his wagon so the nurses hooked him up to his monitors and did most of his treatment from there. It was in the wagon that he was the most calm and comfortable. The day we left the hospital Dominic was being evaluated by the physical therapist as he was still having trouble walking. Every time we took him out of the wagon to attempt therapy he tried to walk or crawl back to it. It was then that we decided that Dominic needed his very own Radio Flyer. Although Dominic has had a few set backs and is unable to be outside for long periods of time, he still manages to sit in his wagon with his stuffed animals and blankets and take rides around the house. We would like to thank you for your amazing products and for helping my child through the most difficult time in his 1.5 years. If it wasn't for the wagon in the hospital and now his wagon at home we would have had a very difficult time finding a manageable comfort level for our baby boy. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
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