"Every Year"

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"Every Year"
By: Shelly & James M. |  Date:  Saturday, November 29, 2014
" Dear Radio Flyer,
I have purchased my grandson (Jonathen) a Radio Flyer original every year of his life! His first Radio Flyer was the the "Little Red Wagon" and he still plays with the wagon. I purchased the #8 Little Red Roadster for his second Christmas and he loves it! I am purchasing the Radio Flyer Spin 'N Saucer with Lights and Sounds for his third Christmas! Jonathen loves his Radio Flyers, but I know I'm getting him a product that is SAFE and Will Last until he has children! I have lost three grand children and want you to know that Jonathen is my only grandchild. I make sure I buy Jonathen the safest, physically active, durable, and timeless toys RADIO FLYERS!
Thank You!,
Grandma & Grandpa "

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