In the eyes of a little boy

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In the eyes of a little boy
By: Deisy V. |  Setting: Ripon, Ca  |  Date:  Tuesday, March 31, 2015
I texted my fiancé in the morning that our little boy Kaleo accidently fell backwards out of his other wagon and he comes home from work to this surprise! He came home late because he went to all the stores in 2 separate cities that sold this and every single one was sold out except for one that had the very last one! Our son absolutely loves his wagon, he falls asleep on it after playing with it so much, he picks up little rocks along the way and puts them in his wagon. He absolutely loves to be pushed inside it but he is also so sweet and will try to push his family members as well along with our family dog. Nothing makes him happier than his Radio Flyer wagon. Nothing.

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