The Family Flyer

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The Family Flyer
By: Andreas P. |  Setting: Wildwood, NJ  |  Date:  Friday, August 25, 2017
As soon as my first daughter was born, I knew I wanted one thing for "her". A radio flyer wagon. We purchased our wagon when she turned 3 and we have hauled it everywhere from hot air balloon festivals, apple picking, pumpkin picking, fairs/carnivals, amusement parks, riding on the beach, and riding on the boardwalk. My eyes always lit up with excitment when I brought out the little red wagon and I was able to use it. I think sometimes I was more excited than my daughter. When my youngest was born 3 years ago, I was especially happy because now, the little red wagon which my oldest enjoyed, my youngest could enjoy. This wagon has been part of our family. Through the years it has had "some" tweaks. When we first bought the wagon, I naturally had to make it handle on all terrain, so I retrofit the wagon with some pneumatic tires. This made the little wagon more special to me and my oldest as we took on the project together as she helped to tap on the captive nuts onto the axles after she put on the new wheels. This summer, I took the little wagon to a whole new level and turned it into the ultimate beach wagon with the help of my girls. I fabricated some new axles, and created a quick release on/off for the monster tires to make it really easy haul it in the back of the SUV. This monster rolled over wet sand and dry sand with no problem while other people struggled. My girls loved to hop in and pull each other and assemble it. The red wagon always puts a smile on our faces. After our beach trips, it transformed into an electric assist on demand monster to further make it easy to pull. Radio flyer has truly created memories for our family. It's like the third child in our family...Hope my wife doesn't read the last line.

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